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Biodiversity 2020 a strategy for englands wildlife and ecosystem services. Biodiversity in England

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Biodiversity Governance in England

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Wildlife, ecology and biodiversity

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  1. The calcareous grasslands make an important contribution to the national calcareous grassland resource, and three different calcareous grasslands are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest SSSI.
  2. This strategy supersedes the previous England biodiversity strategy ' Working with the grain of nature ' PDF, 2Mbwhich was published by Defra in October
  3. Each country has its own biodiversity strategy.
  4. It sets out the strategic direction for biodiversity policy for the next decade on land and at sea, and builds on the successful work that has gone before.

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Wildlife, ecology and biodiversity | Diocese of London Address the underlying causes of biodiversity loss by mainstreaming biodiversity across government and society.

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Managing nature

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Biodiversity 2020

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Ecological networks | Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre